Benefits of Hot Yoga

By Jeff Quinn

The TOO HOT TO HANDLE benefits you need to know about:

  • Detox and Sweat: Moving your body in a heated room flushes away the toxins of all the glands and organs of your body. It brings nourishment to every cell of your body so that each one can perform it’s function and keep your body healthy. When you sweat, impurities are flushed out of the body through the skin. Not to mention it always feels good to get your sweat on!

  • Focus and Mind: Ever notice how before class, you might be frantic and frazzled (at least I usually am)? After class, I feel clear headed, focused, and happy! When you’re focused in class, going from one pose to the next, sweating your a@# off, you become more aware, focused and determined off the mat.

  • Strength: Your heart can work the same way practicing yoga in a heated room as it does when running a mile. Particularly in poses where you are balancing and contracting your muscles at the same time. Yoga is no joke when it comes to building strength and muscles. You will get stronger and also gain cardiovascular strength, even more so when you are working extra hard in a heated class.

  • Flexibility: Think you are not flexible? You’d be surprised what you can do in a hot room. Suddenly, you might see yourself doing this with ease. The heat will allow you to safely reach new levels of personal flexibility which is also therapeutic for your body. And, let’s be honest– being flexible is super fun and cool.

  • Weight Loss: Your digestive system, metabolism and your appetite habits will improve, which helps curb cravings. Warm muscles actually burn fat more easily as the heat flushes and detoxifies the body. Hot yoga can burn anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories a session. Of course, the harder you work in class the more calories you will burn. The way you stretch and compress your internal organs and glands also stimulates your metabolism, so calories are burned quicker outside class as well.

  • Healing: With a regular practice, yoga can help to heal old injuries and also prevent them in the future. This is especially true for back pain. Hot yoga is also known to reduce symptoms of conditions and illnesses including diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, depression, arthritis and obesity. I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’d rather go to more yoga classes and less doctor’s visits!

  • Your Skin: Watch your face and skin develop the ‘yoga glow’ as your eyes become brighter and your skin becomes more clear and soft. As you sweat, your pores are opened and cleaned allowing natural lanolin to release through the pores, softening and preserving your skin’s elasticity. As your body detoxifies, you may eventually never need deodorant again– OK maybe that’s pushing it.

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