Benefits of Being a Hard Core!

By Jeff Quinn


Benefits of Being a Hard Core!

There's a lot of talk about the core, but what is it? If you get an immediate vision of a six pack then you’re like a lot of people with the general perception that working your core just means exercising your abdominals. The truth is that your core includes all the muscles around your trunk and pelvis – including your back. When you go to a class aimed at exercising the core, expect to exercise the whole area.

The reason core strength is so important is that just about every motion made by the human body is initiated in the midsection. Lunges, twists, running, swimming, and weights – almost everything starts with the abs, hips and lower back. Yoga practitioners, as well as dancers and athletes, have long used this knowledge.

There are great advantages to having a strong core: the first, and most obvious, is that your abs get stronger and more toned and will work to pull in your tummy. The next benefit is that your balance and stability will improve – good for all ages and great for those closing in on their retirement years. You will also find it easier to do more physical activities in general and that can help pull you through when you are near the end of a demanding activity.

Those with weak cores are susceptible to poor posture and lower back pain. Because the core is a big contributor to stability and balance it is easier to sustain an injury if the core is weak.

Core work should be an essential element of your general fitness program.

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