8 CRUCIAL MOVES TO DO IF YOU HAVEN'T HIT THE GYM ALL WEEK Took a mini hiatus? This routine will bring your body back up to speed. Men's Fitness

By Jeff Quinn

Despite all the lifehacks to ensure you make it to the gym regardless of excuses, sometimes you wake up on a Saturday and realize amidst the craziness of work and life, you haven’t hit the gym since last weekend.

We’re not here to guilt you—sh*t (and life) happens. But we are here to make sure your muscle-building gets back on track ASAP. “If you haven’t hit the gym for a few days or longer, performing a full-body strength training routine is the single most effective method for getting your body back into the swing of things,” says strength and performance specialist Joel Seedman, Ph.D., owner of Advanced Human Performance in Atlanta.

Besides targeting all the muscles that you’ve been unable to stimulate during your mini-layoff, Seedman adds that full body workouts do more in terms of burning calories and increasing your metabolism than any other type of workout—critical if you been doing nothing but sitting in meetings and then coming home and sitting on the couch.

And you don’t have to slave at the gym all day to reset your system. “In addition to a boosted metabolism, the goal is to target the most muscle mass in as few exercises as possible while also increasing testosterone production, which is vital if you’ve been unable to get to the gym,” he explains.

Here’s how his routine works: There are eight moves, grouped into four supersets. After warming up, perform the first superset circuit three times through with 60 to 75 seconds of rest between the two moves. After three rounds, rest 90 seconds, then hit the next superset three times, and so on. The order is important for building upon muscle activation and burning out certain muscle groups, so don’t switch things around.


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